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Loved the game! The dialogue was written excellently, and so were the characters! Would I be able to get any help though on the other ending? The one I got was (spoiler):

The one where he gets recruited by E.G.O.

Hi! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!! To get the other ending (spoilers):

Choose not to trust Zechariah when prompted. That should give you the other ending! 

Is that when (spoilers):

You decide to trust/not trust him on explaining himself in the office? Because I chose both options and both lead me to the same ending.

Ah shoot.... Let me make sure the logic is working correctly in that scene... 

And yes, it's that part!

I'll try my best to get an updated version tomorrow with working logic to get that ending (spoilers):

That one is the bad ending, so you've already gotten the "good" ending! 

Looking forward to it! Please hit me up with a reply once it's updated, I'd love to get that other ending.   。^‿^。


I just uploaded a new version which has working logic for the 2nd ending! :D

OK so basically, I love this game. It was short but sweet. I enjoyed all of the characters, even the bad guys, since they were all so interesting! Also, Ingrid is definitely my favourite character ahaha.


Ooohh Ingrid was my favorite character to write for, :D. 

Thank you so much for playing!!


Cute game! My favorite character is the one with the red eyes. 

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Also, I appreciate that you uploaded a web build!

Thank you so much for playing! :D :D

The character with the red eyes was my favorite to draw and write for.

And of course! One of the main reasons I wanted to try moving from Renpy to Unity was the ability for Unity to be played in browser, so I'm glad that it works! :D :D