After a grueling year of development, NB107A is RELEASED!

After working on this unity game for over a year, it's finally finished! Play in your browser, or download to your desktop, play as Mickey (Micheal) as he tries to find the cure for his famous spy dad's illness. It features 2 endings! 

A huge thanks to everyone who helped me along the way. The journey of this game's development was a very long and strenuous one, but I'm glad to finally be here on the other side! In the future I hope to make more games like this, blending point and click narrative heavy games with maybe a bit of gameplay on the side! 

Let me know what you think of this game! Who was your favorite character? Were you surprised by the ending? What ending did you get? 

And how do you feel about me making more games like this in the future? :D 


NB107A 221 MB
Aug 03, 2019
Web 192 MB
Aug 03, 2019

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