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This is a great game that made me literally lol

Thank you! 😆


Wow! This is an amazing gift! Thank you, so much! I'm a little confused on the dance and get a date games, but this is great!


Happy holidays, my friend! <3

Glad you hear you liked it!

The dance game was just a simple rhythm game (when the arrows hit the squares at the bottom of the screen, pushing the arrow key in that direction should register a hit!) and the date game is a memory game where characters with the same colors are "matches" to each other. 

Happy holidays~! :D

That's strange! Neither want to show up for me haha!

Don't worry about it, making a warioware game is hard, I'd know hahaha. 

OH That's a canvas issue. What resolution is your screen? I'll try to put out a new build here asap!!

The dance one works! Not sure about the dating one though! Still stuck, no pressure hehe

Can you show me a screenshot of the dating one? That's one I haven't encountered before. I've mapped the different hearts to flip over with hitting the number keys! Do all the hearts not show up on screen?

I just uploaded a new version that I believe has fixed this issue! Sorry about that! XD;;

No problem buddy!