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I really enjoyed this! The characters are all lovely (even if not equally friendly, hehe), and it's nice to get some aro rep, too.

I love the little touches like the animated start up screen and being able to open your great-uncle's journal whenever you want, too.  They're just small things that add to immersion, but I've messed around enough with renpy to know that takes some extra effort! Great work.

A one-sitting, well-constructed VN with unique art, lovely characters, and simple, yet engaging story. A lovely game, overall.

Piping in to say how much I love this game! The style, as always, is unique and fun and I loved discovering more about the world and characters!

Thanks so much for letting me beta-test!

this game was so sweet! the puzzles were really cute :D and the world was really neat, i love your designs! thanks for making this!!

Thank you so much for playing! :D

aw :3 This is a really cute VN. Short and simple but the end message still got through. Thank you for making this wonderful VN.


I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D Thank you for playing!

You're welcome :D 

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aaaaaa finally!!! I'll play it now and give you my feed back <3 

hello I'm back, it took me  a half hour to finish your game. I really enjoyed it. *SPOILER ALERT* i really enjoyed the idea the art and I was surprised at first with the fist choice I was like what ?? I'm the dog!! this is so cool !! and when the dog talked I was disappointed I though he was a cute dog but in the end that wasn't him so that's a relief XD  I think there was a mistake when she met that person in the end instead of saying my great uncle she said my great grandfather or something like that . 

anyways I really liked this game thank you for making this <3 <3 

Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!!

And uwaaa I'll have to fix that typo at the end!

Soooo excited for it!

Wow, the colors looks so great and soothing, I love it ! *A*

Good luck with this, I'll definitly come back to play the complete version >u</