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1. Thoughts on the characters so far?

Phebe struck me as being pliable in an unnatural sense, like someone made her that way. Very literal and to the point she was, needing a command to do anything. I don't think she had a "good" relationship with her father ahaha almost like he robbed her of her will to do anything or her independence. some of what she said gave me deja vu--i used to stare at towels and carpets and find animals in them, eheh.

I'm looking forward to her character development owo

The other characters seemed cool. Peyton struck me as little mr revenge hiding in the barn like an assassin :p and Hugh I had a less favorable impression of but I'm willing to give him a chance, as long as he's not abusive.

all in all i liked the characters. i got tastes of deeper mysteries to them. 

3. Which of the two LIs are you most interested in? 

i don't know. going off of looks Hugh fits my taste more but he's not winning in the personality race. Peyton seems nice...but it's the nice ones you have to be wary of O.O

4. Would you be interested in being a beta tester for the finished game?

yasss I would be interested! this game seems really cool and i'd love to help >w< i've also beta tested a few games before this too 

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Ngl Phebe was like a doll to me, she felt like she had no emotions but instead followed the will of what her father instructed her to do so, it's really intriguing and makes me want to know more of her past and what her and her father were like and if Phebe was a result or a casualty to the experiment Peyton has been referring to. Amazing demo, can't wait to see more~!

1. Thoughts on the characters so far?

Phebe - well I did share my thoughts above but she is quite eerie to me since I display a lot more emotions than her, makes me curious.

Peyton - I'm interested in his past and why he's entangled with Phebe's life, I'm actually really glad he was worried over Phebe cause this girl is like still water. And he's also really cool lmao.

Hugh - Just from those few minutes of interaction I could get a feel of his character, he's surely deeply entrenched in mystery and his constant usage of "dogs" makes me want to peek more but I might get my head chopped off, I sure do hope Hugh gets a soft spot for Phebe because man, if you didn't want people all over your business, stop being so mysterious!

Fanny - this woman is an icon, she's rough and blunt and goes by her own tune but it's entertaining to see that. None of the characters are the typical "good guys", everyone's got a secret of their own and are shaped by the wilderness of this town, Fanny looks to be more on the approachable side which is already saying a lot about the town. Great character A++

2. Typos? 

None that I noticed, but I did notice that the characters' mouths would move despite there indicidating it was an action and not a dialogue, and the entire segment with meeting Hugh the sprites were kind of glitching in some ways and Hugh's mouth kept moving even though he wasn't saying anything.

3. Which of the two LIs are you most interested in? 

Honestly, both. I explained why in the characters but with the most chances I'll survive if I'm curious?? Totally Peyton because the man already has a soft spot over how Phebe just bluntly told the man "Ah yes, btw my dad is dead so yea, lol". Love that girl even if she unsettles me.

4. Would you be interested in being a beta tester for the finished game?

I'd be interested to! However I'm not sure how so unless you guys are patient with me or something I won't feel hesitant or burdened over my inexperience over it and would gladly help in any way I can~!

I won't say much re: Phebe and her relationship with her father because I don't want to spoil anything but I will say you are a very astute reader~! :D  

Typos -> Noted! Thank you!

Beta Tester -> Oh no worries! No experience needed! I'll put together a devlog closer to the time I have something to test that will explain everything (how to download etc). There should be an update if you're following the page~! :D

Thank you so much for playing and I'm really excited to share the full story with you!



Im so happy people are liking Phebe, she was a joy to write and Im really excited to see what people think of her whole journey! 😭

It was a good start hihi

Thank you! :D


1. Thoughts on the characters so far?



Hugh: BOO GET OUT >:(( (unless you have a hat) 

Fanny: she's fanny- I mean funny. I like her

Dogs: woof

2. Typos? 

While I was playing I notice none. 

3. Which of the two LIs are you most interested in? 

I mean, Peyton is the true boyfriend material but I'm kinda interested/curious how things would turn out with Hugh.

4. Would you be interested in being a beta tester for the finished game?

Yes, count me in. >:D

And have a good rest!!!! you deserve it!!!! 

Thank you!!!!!

And yes very much enjoying my time off. I'll be getting back into it eventually and excited for it πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€


Hi  Heiden :)

 good demo of your visual novel,

Phebe life is hard, I feel sorry for her.

It seems Peyton has an issue with the grand father?

The Sherriff and Fanny, I am not sure what to think but they could have been nicer towards Phebe.

take time to rest :)


Thank you!!

Phebe definitely has a hard life and I'm excited to showcase her full journey in the full game! πŸ˜„