September Update

Hi everyone! 

How was your August? Mine was super busy! I didn't get as much done this month as I was hoping, but sometimes that's just how things turn out, right? 

This month I was able to: 

  • Finish the fishing minigame programming 🎣
  • Streamline the farming code a bit 👩‍🌾
  • Finished drawing the second poses for both Phebe and Peyton.
  • Started the importing of Phebe and Peytons new animations.

(the fixed farming code now shows which plot you've watered!)

Originally I was hoping to have all the art assets imported and ready to go in-game by the end of August so I could spend the entirety of September hooking everything up, but that's not how things turned out. 

(all the expressions used in game)

For my own sanity, let's pushback my intended release date from October 31st to December 25th. I hope to have  a nice Christmas present for you all! (And if you don't celebrate Christmas than just a generic present, haha) 

(fishing minigame)

Still not ready to take beta testers just yet, but I hope you'll be patient and wait for it~!

See you next month! 

- Heiden

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Ohh that's quite the progress you made! Since the visual novel/game is in its early stages you don't need to rush too much as you haven't had the necessary assets you need, so it's okay to take your time to create each asset especially since you're doing this all by yourself (seriously, what a champ) so I think it'd be best if you take your time with the assets and then kinda rush importing them all and doing your wizardy magic with it! (can you tell I've never developed a game or know how to code T^T). Either way, take a break for your own sanity since the real world won't wait for you so it'd be best to prioritize it~! Take care and stay safe!

Aw thank you! Ill def take a break if I need it, but right now Im having so much fun working on it~! 😊✨️ But thank you for your concern!



That a lot of work to do yet, take your time :)


Thank you! Excited to keep working on it! 😊💪✨️