UPDATE BEDBUG SPOTTED!!!! -- Watch out for bedbugs!!


I've uploaded a new build aptly named "BedBug" to test out a slightly changed Sleeping code. If your Phebe moved into a house with bedbugs (AKA you hit the glitch where you couldn't sleep), try out this new build. 


Hello everyone! This just a reminder that Butterblue's second alpha is now available to play! Ive gotten a few reports of players not being able to sleep but haven't yet been able to replicate it on my side. 

This is where ya'll come in! If you've gotten this bug, please let me know and try to remember what you did that day. Looking into where it's coming from... ๐Ÿ‘€

And if you haven't played it yet, well, here's a reminder that every feedback helps! 

Obligatory link - 


Thank you so much for playing! 

- Heiden


BedBug Mac.zip 186 MB
Nov 09, 2022
BedBug PC.zip 185 MB
Nov 09, 2022

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I've jumped here as a freed victim of those vampires... IRL.  I was to send support.  XD  Happy it is just in game.

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I've gotten it. The first day going into town works fine because it automatically put you to sleep. However, if I don't explore and I just click on the bed on that first day it says, "Sleep?" and I can't do anything after. Nothing pops up and I can't back out of it. If I do the first day automatically and I get to the second day, its the same thing. If I click on the bed, everything is the same. I've done it a few different ways. I've went in to town again, I've walked to the fishing spot, I've went to the garden, the barn, and I've not slept at all before 8pm. It's just clicking on the bed freezes it or breaks it almost I guess? Thats the best way I can describe it lol 

Interesting! Seems like there isn't a single triggering instance of what's causing it to break then. 

When the game froze like that, did the music stop? 

If it didn't, I think I have an idea of what might have caused that to happen. 

I've uploaded a new build of the game called "BedBugs", and you can click Q. Start from the main menu and immediately try to go to bed. In theory, this should work! If not, I'll keep looking into it, haha. 

Thank you so much! 

The music did not stop playing. Sorry, I went to bed after posting and just saw this lol. I saw your update as well and I'm going to try it later! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Okay so it's still doing it, BUT I figured out how to sleep. The game doesn't completely fit in the gaming window it looks like? I think there are words at the top and bottom that are cut off? I noticed it when I was wiggling my mouse around and they lit up lol. You can kind of see the bottom of the words at the top. So it's not freezing, it just doesn't all fit I guess. I have a video on my computer, but idk how to upload it on here ๐Ÿ˜‚

OOoHHHH! Okay! Thats a canvas issue! Try dragging the bottom corner of the window a bunch and see if the yes/no shows up!  And I'll see about putting out a resolution fix tonight! 

(Canvas issues my nemesis, I forgot to add a few canvas scalers so there's a bunch of times things don't quite cover the screen)

It worked! ๐Ÿ˜Š