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If possible, please download for the full experience!


Fia grew up on her mother's hog farm, always dreaming about running away to the bustling city that dotted the horizon. 

Just when she thinks this is all her life will ever be, a letter comes in the mail from an old eccentric man she used to call "Grandfather". 

He asks her to come to the city so that he may give her something. When she gets there, it turns out that his gift is the ownership of his crime family! 

But not everyone is excited to see Fia and internal tensions threaten to tear the family apart.

 Can you survive the 6 days it takes to inherit the family?

Become the new Donna, or die trying. 


An otome game made by Heiden and z04 for Nanoreno2021. 





  • 24k length
  • 6 CGs
  • 2 routes
  • Multiple Ways to Die
  • And A Nameable Giant Hog


Content Warning for:

  • Strong Language
    •  (Mostly from Giacomo and his potty mouth)
  • Animals (and humans) being shot at, stabbed, threatened. 
  • On Screen Character Death
    • But not animals!
    • The dog hog does not die. 
      • Except like, in the super bad endings and those are implied and never shown on screen.
      • Oh and I guess there's mentions of Fia's family taking the hogs to slaughter. 



Heiden - Writer, Programming, Sprite Artist, CG Artist

Z04 - Background Artist


Hi there everyone! We hope you enjoy our little passion project. This is the second longest(!!) title I've ever released, and it's almost hard to believe we did it all in a month(!!). 

We didn't have any beta testers, so let me know if the music and sfx levels are off! Or any bugs in general. 

Thank YOU anonymous player, for playing our game! Hope you enjoy!

- Heiden

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(131 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, art-deco, mafia, oelvn, Otome, Romance, vn
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian


Download 195 MB
Download 178 MB
ANewDon-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 184 MB
A New Don 1.1 Android 198 MB
Download 215 MB
Download 180 MB

Development log


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I liked Andino's ending but Giacomo's ending sure is something else AAAAA Tbh I already liked him the first time I saw him so it's really just <33 ILOVEYOUGIACOMO!! 


I really enjoyed this game. At first, I went for Andino but then Giacomo stole my heart. I also liked how grandma and grandpa were portrayed in a different light in each route. 

My A New Don Playlist 

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Oh! Thank you so much for playing! :D


I love the music in the menu so much, I can't stop listening to it. And idk why, but I keep thinking that the person singing it is Giacomo.

I like the music in the game too, but I prefer the one in the menu, since it has a good rythm, the voice seems to be for this song, the lyrics are really good (I don't understand them all, since I'm not an English native) and it's adicting after the first time I heard it *cry*.


Wonderfull game,and omg,i need this hog for me,It fight for 5 men,LOL

I loved the music such catchy tunes.  And the appeal of an old world European mafia family.  Fia has such innocence yet she is full of spunk and it's good to see that in a main character.  Andino is the strong and silent type and the one whom I swooned over, his appeal came from his vulnerability and brokeness I just wanted to hug and take care of him.  Giacomo, I didn't like from the beginning no spoilers.  But as I slowly got to know him there was something tender about his nature and yet wounded people often wound others.

I can't wait to see what you create next you have incredible talent in writing and making stories that are believable.  The illustrations were on point also, the person whom created them has wonderful talent in artistry and really captured the characters through their personalties and that's not easy to do!  So bravo to you and your team for creating such a fun game and sharing it with others! 😊

THIS GAME IS SO FANTASTIC (I wish it was longer :< )
Especially music...
I hope to get more games like this!
Thank you very much💕

Omg I love everyone 💕💕 I love the MC, she's fierce! Also love the boys. wish it was longer, I enjoyed it

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Replaying it again xD Ahh, I love the musics! especially the one in the menu, I literally stay there for a long time haha. The plot is good and I also like how the writer wrote the script. The CG is good, hehe especially the cute and blushing Giocomo hihi <3  and I adore both the guy >3< I also like that we have a hog as a bestie oink, it was my first time seeing a hog as one from the VN that I played over years.


i thought andino was my one and only but then giacomo steals my heart in a blink DAMN YOU GIACOMO HOW CAN YOU BE SO CHARMING KSJFKJSMFKJSDMF


Super cute game! The hog is my favorite character!


I just finished the game and I honestly wish there was more! I absolutely adored Andino!


Great game, the artstyle is charming and I loved the music too

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Really loved the music. Definitely added to a fun story. And I love the flashback stories. Nice stylistic choice.

edit: Can I ask who did the song on the title page?


The title screen music is called Cold by Anthony Lazaro! It's this one


infinite/10 loved the art and the twist. stopped myself from naming the adorable hog "Joe Mama" and named her "Bella" i was close. It took me 30 minutes to decide a route cause i love both of those characters with their own traits. Even if i did lose poker. Hog for life.


Hi i just started playing this game and i usually play with an walkthrough incase im stuck or just dont know what to choose but i cant find one for this game



I haven't made a walkthrough but here's one~

Monday - Choice doesn't matter

Tuesday - Order doesn't matter 

Wednesday - 

Go Out

(If Andino route) Boxing and Sidestep, (if Giacomo route) Casino and Raise

Try to find a side entrance

Thursday -

Stop her

Order doesn't matter

Friday - 

(If Andino route) Casino

(If Giacomo route) Bar

--Routes diverge at this point-- 

Andino route - look for gun in corpse

Giacomo route - stay silent 

Hopefully that helps! Let me know if you're still having troubles. 

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. I love the artstyle you used and also your color scheme. Really recommended And I hope for more such inspiring games. LOVE it❤️🎮 AND THE CG’S SO FREAKING CUTE

Awww, thank you!! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!! :D :D


Ahh, this game is so fun! I love the Prohibition era setting, and the characters, and the storybook segments! Also... the implication that Giacomo is trans? Kinda made my day? I love both the LIs, but I just have a soft spot for angry boys, lol

And Fia is wonderful! I love that, on one hand, she's thrown into a situation she's never been prepared for, but on the other hand, in an odd way, her previous experiences did prepare her for this. She's badass and I love her.

Though the pig is my favorite character. I named her Hamlet, just for pun ^_^

Oh, thank you! And Hamlet is an amazing name for a hog, haha. 

hi! just wanna ask what year is this game set in? i wanna know before playing :)

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It's set in a very very loose version of 1920's America! (Particularly prohibition) But character's clothing, vernacular and cultural norms weren't designed to be "historically accurate", if that makes sense. 

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I used to put this visual novel off because I wasn't a fan of the art style but reading the summary made me try it. Looks shouldn't take priority so, decided to get over myself and try it. And, I was pleasantly surprised.

For starters, I was greeted by possibly the most delightful song I've ever heard in a visual novel's main menu. You(or your team) have lovely taste in music. :) The moment I heard the main menu music, I stayed there to listen to it entirely. :) Rest of the songs used in the visual novel were beautiful, went along with the theme/world of the visual novel and added to immersion. One of the few songs that took away from the immersion was the song used whenever Giacomo made an appearance, personally. The story was heartfelt and creative. It's charming and original. Loved the story of how Marco and Fia's grandmother met. Also loved the portrayal of how unforgiving the mafia world can be to anyone who is involved in it. And of course, loved the hog. xD Played Andino's route and enjoyed it. :)

Thank you for making such a wonderful visual novel and I hope to see more wonderful works from you. Now, I think I'll go and open your game just to listen to the main menu music. :D

(Please don't take my comment on the art style to heart. My comment on it doesn't matter when thinking about how an artist's art style can change with time, especially when you're a budding artist. xD)


Happy to hear you gave it a shot and enjoyed it! When I found the main menu song I knew it was perfect for the game, so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it too. 🥰

Sorry about the art, though I'm glad it was something you were able to look past. It's definitely a common criticism I get and I've been actively trying to improve upon it, but well, those things take time. 😅

Thanks for playing!


Oh gosh, this was a very enjoyable game! I went in figuring I'd probably like Andino because the stoic loyal types appeal to me, so I did Giacomo's route first, and he punched me (figuratively in the feelings, as well as literally). He's such a good and cute example of a scrappy puppy trying to be a wolf, who just wants to be pet, and of course his kiss CG was during [/spoilers]. Wonderfully understated and cute romance.

Also, I loved the writing! The backstory sections were so evocative, they felt like a joy to read whenever they showed up, and they were a great contrast to the liveliness of the present-day story and jazzy tracks. Speaking of those, the audio choices were great, and the little graphics of past-Marco, Giacomo, Andino (AND HOG) were actively adorable.

I'm so impressed you did this all in a month, to boot - this is inspirational, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your writing! (Still need to play Heart is Muscle!)


Aww thank you so much, this is such a sweet comment.

 I'm so glad Giacomo's route came through with the punch in the feels, he might have been a favorite of mine... (Though really I loved writing all the cast, haha)

Thank you so much for playing! :D


what a lovely game, such a joy to play from start to finish!! the writing is so vibrant and fun, and i loved each and every character (giacomo my beloved and his background was such a nice touch that really brought joy to me as a nb individual hehe)

I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it! I'm also nb and love putting in characters who remind me of my own friends and family (like Giacomo). So glad to hear that part of the plot came through (and wasnt too subtle, as I initially worried, haha). Thank you so much for playing! :D


Ahh I love this game so much! I found it via and I'm so glad I gave it a try 0: The writing is immaculate and I love that you can name your hog ;-; I called her Kokoro and every time she showed up I felt such a big personal attachment to her. I really feared there was a chance she'd die based on all the action that was going on and her squeals. But I remember the comment about no animal deaths and I felt silly for being so scared.

Tammi and Tommy were great side characters and  even thought they didn't have sprites I loved how much character they had (which really show cases how great of a writer you are!) 

Woah omg. I remember when I was first starting to make games, it was always a dream of mine to be included on an entry on I cant believe it actually happened!!! 

And thank you so much for your kind words and thank you for playing! :D

How long does it take on average to finish the game?

The full script is 24k in length and the routes branch pretty late, so I would say one playthrough would take roughly an hour to an hour thirty minutes!



Why is the hog... not romance-able???

JK JK! I enjoyed playing this a lot! There is not a single stale moment in the game, and Fia is such a snarky heroine! I love her and Pig. The writing is flawless, the characters are unique, and the art is so gorgeous and fits the overall mood and setting. I'm a fan of yours now after playing this and Kill the Prince! I'll look forward to your next games!


And aww, thank you!! I had a lot of fun making it, always glad to see people having fun playing it!! Thank you so much for playing!

(2 edits) (+2)

I just finished it and had a great time reading this! I totally went for Andino's route : D he's a nice stoic but well-meaning right-hand man huh!

This was wonderfully written, I loved the style and it kept me interested. I felt bad for Marco, he had quite some shit to go through in his life, but the story-book/history moments were lovely to read about. Interesting choice of music too, I think it fit very well.

I think the strongest points were the characters: Fia was a crazy badass (my favourite character) but she and everyone else were interesting because it felt like they all had their own motivations and everyone was proactively working towards those. Like you could tell they weren't sweethearts but you wanted to learn more about them. I liked them so much I was kinda sad about the many deaths in Andino's ending XD!

Also really enjoyed the art-style btw! It just fit and everything matched well together, it created a great vibe and I loooved the colours.

Looking forward to your next project :D!


Ohh, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

Marco certainly had a hard life! I had a lot of fun(??) writing through his backstory and how a lot of his actions shaped the way the family was in the present. It was interesting to think about. 

I'm so happy the characters came through. I always strive to make them feel well-rounded, even if they're not very nice to the protagonist. 

Thank you so much for playing!


i absolutely loved this! fia is such an awesome main character & the whole plot is so compelling! i think the art is great too & matches the game really well. (big fan of the hog too.)

i particularly enjoyed the way the story is told outside of the dialogue portions - it's very atmospheric. (reminds me a bit of hotel dusk!)

Oh! So glad to hear you enjoyed it! I had a blast writing Fia, she's a character. Thank you so much for playing!


Wow, this VN is really good. I wasn't sure because of the specific art style, yet I gave it a try and it exceeded all my expectations. I like the dynamic and exciting plot, but a special pleasure was MC, who is not a naive country girl, not another damsel in distress, but a strong female who knows what she wants. From time to time I had a strong vibe of "the end justifies the means" in her actions, yet I like it. There are so many soft hearted main characters with strict morality and "paladin complex" (so boring and tiresome), thus it's a pleasure to meet someone different.  And of course music which was tastefully and suitably picked. 

Thank you for the game, I really enjoyed it.

Great to  hear you enjoyed it!

And sorry about the art style, aha; I'm still working hard to get my art to a place that looks better but I think it's gonna be a few more years before I can get to that level. 

I had a ton of fun writing Fia, so I'm glad she came through! Thank you so much for playing!


Don't worry about your art, you have a specific style, but in a good way. I quickly got used to it and enjoyed the whole thing. Good luck with future projects, you do great!

This game looks SO lovely, like something out of a storybook. The writing seems great so far, too. It definitely stood out for me among all the great NaNo entries this year. I haven't played the full thing yet, but I am very much looking forward to doing so. (I also REALLY appreciate your disclaimer that there are no on-screen animal deaths. Seriously, thank you for that! :) )

PS: I actually featured this as one of my top picks for my NaNoRenO 2021 Spotlight, if you'd like to check it out. :)

Aw, thank you!

And yes, of course! I wanted to forewarn players about the character deaths, but also wanted to be clear that no animals were killed on screen!!;;


This is a very polished VN, especially for a NaNoRenO submission. I wrote a small review, tho I don't know if anyone can see it or not.

I found it here! 

What a lovely review! Thank you so much for taking time to write it!

Making Fia feel believable as a Mafia Donna was really important to me, so it's great to hear that she came across well!

Again, thank you so much for playing and leaving a review!

I honestly don't know why reviews aren't connected to the individual project. Makes almost no sense to write one and then just stick with the comment section :/


I loved this game so much, the other day I was just complaining that there weren't enough mafia-type visual novels with female protagonists and this popped up in my feed! I got both the love endings and I must say I really enjoyed them both but Andino's was my favorite. I love that cold character trope. I named my hog FUZZY and it was so funny to have her/him there during the scenes. I also admire the art style, it reminds me of some of my favorite childhood books and i love it! Looking forward to more of your Visual Novels!

Oh! So glad to hear you enjoyed it!! We had a ton of fun making it. 

And yes! I love me female-led mafia-type stories, haha. 

Thank you for playing!


This is so much fun! I named my hog Pookie and I love her so much. The characters are so fun -- I haven't gotten a good ending yet, but right now I really like Auntie Francesca!

So glad to hear you're enjoying it! :D