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yoo! im here from game dev amino ! i played it and it was so cute! although right at the beginning the text kinda bothered me. like idk the spacing, the fact that the first paragraph is further to the left, sudden changes of size. i get that it was trying to be a stylistic choice but it didnt lookgood and felt kinda cluttered. but overall i enjoyed myself despite the text and even got the secret end! conrats on finishing it <3

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soooo i didn't get a romance? is there a walkthrough? T^T and most of the hairstyles don't change to what i set it as

Iggs works as an in-game walkthrough.

no linux version? :(


Just updated with a linux version! :D

This was an amazing game! This was inventive and original. The difficulty level was perfect. After I figured out that I could ask questions, it made it that much better. Great layout! Great art! Great presentation! Thank you! 

Yaay! Glad to hear the hints were helpful!! Thank you for playing!

I played this the other night with my friends we had so much fun, it was so wonderful!!! the timing of the papa jokes absolutely killed us, and we ended up getting so attached to our monster by the end, wow. the sylios ending was definitely my favorite part,  we were hoping through the whole first end that something good would come from him and it turned out so so good!! I'm aspiring to make vns as well and playing this was both super fun and inspiring, eheheh. keep up the great work!!! <3

I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much!!

And oh gosh! It's super humbling to hear that the game was an inspiration to you. I hope you make your game!

Hi. Is there going to be a walk-through? I'm completely stuck. Please Advise. 

Hi! I wasn't planning on writing a walkthrough, since you can ask Iggs for help in game if you get stuck. 

But if there's a particular puzzle that's giving you trouble I'd be more than happy to help! What part of the game are you at?

Spoilers Below:

(Also here's some vague hints about parts that I think might be a bit harder to figure out:

To make the fancy shirt you need to COMBINE 2 items, one of which is the T-Shirt itself. (The other is found on the 1st floor of the house)

To open the cupboard in the hallway you need to USE an item to PRY the doors off. (This item can also be found on the 1st floor of the house)

To get the shovel you need to give the plant what it wants. (It LUSTS after the FLESH of men) )

Hope that helps!

Thankyou I'll try your hints. :)

this story was so fun! i watched DCS play through last night and we were all laughing a ton. dr. frank was my favorite character, ahh so many of his lines were so endearing! and all the puzzles with the items were really neat, it added so much to the experience! all the little animation touches you added to the menus and character busts too i thought were really nice. such a charming game!!! so happy you could finish it, even if it took a while--i know how tough it can get with a big project looming over you so congrats!! your efforts were not wasted <3 thanks for this lovely gem of a VN!!

I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it! Dr. Frank was a lot of fun to write, so I'm glad his personality came through!

And yes!! I'm so happy to finally be done and share what I've been working on with other people! :D


holy shit!!! im so excited that you've completed the game!!!

Hey hey! Just finished playing this with BOTH endings with my friend group and we all loved it-- SO MUCH!

It was so exciting to be with this game every step of the way and I'm still so proud of being able to beta-test for it. (Thank you again.)

Honestly? This is my favorite visual novel of 2017. I'll be making fanart and recommending this game highly to everyone I know! 'v'_b

(Spoilers ahead!)-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Playing the normal ending and THEN playing the necromancer ending right after was extremely satisfying. Very nice touch to have it recommended by the extras! We appreciated it!

The mechanics were fun, the music was fun, the art is fun, everything about this game is fun! All the jokes make me laugh and the genuine moments between Dr.Frank and Sylios were such a pleasant surprise. So happy to see the hand holding CG and really hoping you make that comic you mentioned!

And again, like the first time; the papa jokes all made me laugh uncontrollably. Every. Single. Time. The reveal gets me, it's fucking great, I LOVE IT! And I'm so glad Monster got to end up in a huge undead family with everyone, hehe.

'v'/ I noticed some spelling errors here and there but didn't take them down this time-- but I'll make a list if I do a second play-thru and send it to you!

Again, thank you so much for your hard work on this game and sharing it with all of us. SO looking forward to your next game and GOOD JOB!!! <33

AAAAAAHHH Omg;;; I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it!!! 

And thank you so so so much for your help with the beta testing and your advice on the textbox transparency was so spot on!

And yes, feel free to send any spelling errors my way, I wrote the extras page at 4am without a spellchecker so I'm sure they're in there somewhere, haha. 

Haha! I totally understand! And you are SO WELCOME!!! <3

I'll def be doing another playthru soon enough, so I'll let you know then hehe <3

Very cute game overall! Had a lot of fun playing it w/ my partner, voicing all the characters to ourselves and just overall having a good time.
The only thing I'd really point out that I wasn't fond of- 
[for people reading the comments before playing the game, warning-
Spoilers Ahead!]
Ok. The whole papa thing. I know the joke you were trying to make there, but some of the time it got to be wayyy too much, to the point of making both of us a little uncomfortable [especially the whole "continuing to call someone your boyfriend when they strictly see you as a parent" thing. THAT was viscerally uncomfortable]
We would've been able to ignore it, but it kept cropping up, of course, and every time we'd just stop and wince in shared discomfort. 
It's not enough to like, ruin the whole game or whatever, the game itself is still very cute and again, a lot of fun! But that definitely put a damper on things. I know the game itself wouldn't be quite the same WITHOUT the monster referring to DR Frank as his dad, but I feel like there could've been ways to go about it while at LEAST not continuing to refer to the creature as the "boyfriend", you know? 
Anyway! I don't mean this as like, a tirade against your game or whatever, it's still fun and we'll probably play again and get a different ending soon [the ending we got was the one with Sylios, because we remembered the dictionary]. But I guess this is just food for thought? Cute game, appealing visuals, overall good sense of humor, I liked the characterizations a lot, but one or two little things just left a bad taste in my mouth. 


Ah, sorry to hear about that. The joke you refer to above (uwaa what I would do for spoiler tags!!) is a pretty integral part of the whole dynamic of the Monster + Dr Frank + Iggs and I can see how if that one joke fell flat or made someone feel uncomfortable it could taint a fair bit of the game. I would say I could change the textbox name of the Monster from "Monster Boyfriend" to just "Monster" but I'm not sure if that would do much to alieviate anything...?;;  Sorry to hear about that, but glad to hear you were able to have some fun from the rest of the game! 

So excited and can't wait to play this! Commenting before downloading cuz I'm PUMPED UP! I'll leave another comment once I finish my playthru! <3

This is pretty funny. I like the sounds and the way the 4th wall is broken. The response for clicking EXTRAS first was fun, and the title screen is very cute and gives a good feel for the game. The skin tones as sweets is kinda..eeeeeh.. though.


That's a good point! I've taken out the food descriptions for that part of the game.

Thank you so much for checking out the demo~! (And the full version will be released very very soon!) 

Thanks fort he response. <3

sooo is this still in development


It is. I'm still working on it, but still no release date yet.

this was so cute!! i cant wait for the full game :)

Will this still come out on Steam even though Steam Greenlight is gone now?

I believe so! From what I understand, you can no longer put things on Greenlight but anything that was put up before the service was taken away will still be able to be voted on. 

And now it is june... and still we wait to see what our bae's look like

luv this game, cant wait for the full release, I love the design of sylios. 

Hardly waiting for it to come out!

Oh! I'm loving the new screenshots! So excited!

omg pleeeease when is the full game coming out? i have to see what the boyfriend looks like!!


I'm very honored to have someone so excited to see the full version :D. I won't have it finished by the end of March, and I'm afraid to give another deadline that I don't feel like I'm going to hit. I still have a fair bit of coding and polish to put into the game before I think it's ready for public distribution, I'm sorry about that.

Hopefully(?) as a compensation, I've uploaded some additional screenshots to give a taste of what the full game will play like.

Once again, thank you for much for your enthusiasm! It's great to know that people are eagerly awaiting the full game and it makes me want to work even harder :D.

it's may now :0

It is!

TOT you said hopefully end of april release T_T but oh well, masterpieces take time after all :P

AWESOME!!! So exited to see the full version when it comes out!


This was HILARIOUS and the user interface looks fantastic. I'm so glad I got around to playing this! I absolutely cannot wait for the full version.


Gaaah when is the next part coming out?? the demo in this made me laugh so much :'D i wanna see what the bf looks like!!


Hi! :D I'm working hard on the game, but I can't quite give an estimated release date. Sorry about that! I'm trying my hardest for a end of March/beginning of April release date, but even that I can't say for certain. I'm glad you liked the demo and I hope you'll give the full version a try when it [eventually] comes out!

aaahhh such excitement !!!

so.... it's almost the end of march :3

Gaaah when is the next part coming out?? the demo in this made me laugh so much :'D i wanna see what the bf looks like!!

I loved this demo so much!!! It's hilarious! I cannot wait for the full game!

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That was... perhaps one of the best previews I have played on Hilarious, and I like the art. Can't wait for the full version!

I talk about the demo some more in my blog:

Omg, I never loved a demo that much, I'm sooo exited to the full version >u<

I really want to see my boyfriend <3

I loved the demo. The game is cute, funny, and has great d!ck names/substittutes. What else could a perverted ace ask for?

Oh wow. It's not often I run across another ace! What up, comrade? :D

the roof :P (bad joke) we're so rare it's always fun to find another ace isn't it?

i havent played it yet but i hope its ok!

Woo! I just finished the demo!

I clicked extras first, and I already knew I was in for a game I would enjoy a lot!

THE INTRO IS SOOO NICE, OOH I LOVE IT. The writing is a lot of fun and WOW the soundtrack is so enjoyable-- I loved every song so far. Each time a new song came on, I got hype!!!

The busts and backgrounds all feel very cohesive. I loved what the backgrounds tell us about Dr.Frank! All the SFX were perfect too, btw!

I think the only thing I'd say is that the text box is a bit overpowering. I honestly think it could be fixed with just lowering the opacity just a little bit? It's mostly noticeable in the beginning of the game, and when the full backgrounds are shown! I wanna see the goodies all the time! Just thought I'd mention.

Other than the text box, I thought all of the UI elements were great. Loved the lil skull and loved the build-a-boyfried box.

I also clicked don't click and I approve. Gonna fill out the survey right now but wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the game so far and how excited I am! Thanks so so much for releasing this dmo and good luck!

Oohh, good point. I'm pretty new to UI design and had tried to do some subtly transparency on the textbox, but I wasn't too happy with it. I'll try pushing the transparency even more at the bottom of the box and see what I can get!

And the full game will have some point and click elements to the backgrounds, so at the very least if I cant get the textbox looking nice, you'll be able to enjoy the backgrounds fully during those scenes. :)

Thank you so much for playing!!!

Oh, awesome! That's great to hear about the point and click and VERY exciting too!!!


I yelled at my computer when the demo finished before I could see my boyfriend. Needless to say, you've done a fantastic job! I can't wait for the complete game to be out <3


Thank you so much!

And yes, haha. I felt bad for stopping the demo so short there, but I couldn't quite get the monster's sprite all coded in just yet in time for a Halloween release, so you'll get to see just what your boyfriend looks like in the full version! :D

Omg I can't wait to see my boyfriend!! He's a cutie with a green bowlcut!! :D

He sounds really cute!!! :D

I really liked this! I'm doing a let's play of it and i CANT WAIT for the full game!

I really liked this! I'm doing a let's play of it and i CANT WAIT for the full game!


Hey, hey, I'm so glad you managed to finish the demo! It was really cute and hilarious and I can't wait to play the full version!

I really loved the art style for the opening, and I love the backgrounds, too. I hope you will consider making downloadable posters/postcards of the "Never Give Up" poster and the "Top Secret" plan diagram or something haha. I would love to have those to stick up somewhere!

Best of luck with the full version! I'm really looking forward to it!

AAHH I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Omg, it would be fun to make a high quality mock up of the "Never Give Up" and "Top Secret" posters. Once I finish the full game, I'll think about making them for fun!

Thank you so much, and I still need to play Voeux, it looks so cool!

Just saying, I would totally buy "Dr. Frank's Weird Wall Hangings Postcard Set," if such a thing were to exist, haha.

And thank you! Please let me know what you think when you get around to playing it!


The new screenshots look great! Loving the options and such, haha!

Thank you! I'm excited to see what everyone's boyfriends end up looking like. :D And I'll have a playable demo of the first couple scenes here in a few days!

how do i download

It's a work in progress, so you can't download it yet.

Hi! It's currently a WIP, but I'm working on getting out a demo of the first couple of scenes in the next few days! :D


So excited to play this!!

Thank you!! :D


Excited for the full version of this!


Thank you!! I'm really excited to finish it! :D


o v o !! <3 I am equally excited.

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