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Build Your Own Customizable Boyfriend!

After being kicked out of both his PhD program (plant science) as well as medical school (Pathology), Dr. Frank had pretty much resolved himself to a life of solitude and science. That is, until a handsome stranger knocked on his door and swept him off his feet. Dominik seemed to be the perfect boyfriend- attentive, caring, and interested in Dr. Frank's work.

Maybe too interested.

Three months into the rainbow-colored relationship, Dominik runs off with Dr. Frank's lifelong research on resurrection to present at the annual prestigious Hindenberg University Conference, under his own name.

Livid, Dr. Frank decides the only course of action: Revenge.

Not only is Dr. Frank going to one-up Dominik's presentation by presenting the world's first artificial life form, but Dr. Frank is going to make said life form the world's hottest, most beautiful boyfriend.


Dr. Frank's Build-A-Boyfriend is a comedy BL visual-novel mixed with point-and-click adventure elements. The project began as a Yaoijam 2016 entry and is projected to be finished development near the end of September end of December! [Update: 10/15/16] Q1 2017!

Please note that this game is suitable for ages 16+ for suggestive themes. 

[Update 3/28/17]: I'm still working on coding in the puzzle elements and won't make the end of March or even early April deadline. I'm sorry about that, but please enjoy the additional screenshots I uploaded to give an idea of what the puzzle portion (which makes up a good portion of the game) will play like! Thank you for your patience!

[Update 10/6/17] The Full Version Is Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who was patient! I'm glad to finally be bringing the full version of Dr. Frank to you! <3 <3

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(226 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tagsboyfriend, build-a-boyfriend, Cute, frankenstein, Gay, necromancy, Point & Click, Queer, Romance


Dr._Frank_Build_A_Boyfriend_1.0-mac.zip 229 MB
Dr._Frank_Build_A_Boyfriend_1.0-pc.zip 243 MB

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This was so much fun and such a nice story! Dr Frank's smile must be protected!

(I also did the secret end but that will be in another video♥)

Ik I'm SUUUUPER late to the party, but WHOO THIS GAME IS FRIGGIN' AMAZING AF!!! Like wow! Loved everything about it, especially Sylios <3 Overall well done on this and can't wait for future projects :D Also would looooove to know about the events after the Secret Ending if that would be possible lol

i played this game a few months ago and OMG i love it lol

Does this game have multiple endings? I am looking for single ending games tbh


Hi! There are technically 2 endings, with one being longer and more "canonical". If you're looking for a short game with only one ending that is still BL, I'd recommend my game Kill the Prince?! which also features inventory puzzles!

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Played this game on the Steam version time ago. It's cute and funny :)

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Hello! I've tried unpacking the Linux version and I'm getting an 'unexpected end of file' error... :(

Update: actually, the PC version supports both Linux and Windows! So, a separate download for Linux is not needed (and it's damaged anyway). And the PC version needs a Linux icon near it, not just a Windows icon, because it has Linux executable too (Dr._Frank_1.0.sh)

Oh, thank you for letting me know! I updated it to let players know the PC version can also be playable on Linux and took away the broken version. 

Remember playing this about two years ago. Am redownloading and replaying because I remember having hell of a blast XD All I remember is "ANIME BOY PP SIZE" and that's all XD

Omg XDD I'm honored you remembered it!! Hope you enjoy replaying through it! 

Played this with my friend and we both really enjoyed it! It was my friends first visual novel game and now she holds it as the standard for any game she plays

Awww, omg. I'm so glad to hear she liked it!! It's always great to hear more people being introduced to VNs. :D 

I wish this was play in browser.

I've wanted to download this game for ages, but everytime I go to launch it, it has errors saying "python27.dll not found" and "sdl2.dll was not found". Do you know how I can fix this?

I've tried downloading the files, but I don't know where to place them,,,,
Sorry for the troubles!

Hi! What type of computer are you trying to play on? Mac, Windows, Linux?



So try downloading the file called: Dr._Frank_Build_A_Boyfriend_1.0-pc.zip

That will be downloaded to your Downloads folder. (To find your Download folder, open up your File Explorer and go to This PC, then Downloads). 

Find the Dr. Frank files in your download folder and right click and unzip the folders. When you open the new unzipped folder, you will click on the file called "Dr. Frank's Build - A - Boyfriend". It should have an icon of a pink pig. 

That should work, but if you're still getting the same error, let me know!

Thank you so much!


I played this right after finding your 'Kill the Prince?!' game-- and god, I really loved every single moment of it! The humor, characterization, emotions from Frank and Sylios-- and also the teasing from Sylios was enough for me to instantly root for him in the beginning ;____; when he first showed up I was already hoping Frank could end up with him!

I loooooved the personalities of everyone and the dynamics ;___; Frank's so high energy and has so much character, it was a lot of fun to get to see things through his eyes! And Iggs is just one whole ass mood. And the monster boyfriend was absolutely hilarious-- I loved the customization option! And getting to play another one of your point-and-click games just makes me so so happy and inspires me a lot! I've been looking into point-and-click mechanics and getting the chance to play your games really leave me with a good feeling and so much motivation to keep going!

And this is totally becoming a longer comment, oops, but I loved seeing your initial character design process in the Extras-- as well as the narration/hints there and direct interaction with the player ;___; seeing them in both this and KTP really gave both games even more personality and another fun layer. But yes, I love that you included your character designs in the extras!! I loved all of Frank's expressions and just how he had so many sides to him, too! (And I will forever love Sylios, I am weak.) -- seeing your sketches and world building was super cool to look through and see how the characters and the world changed from the beginning too. And of course, reading more about the world building was great! And I'm glad you decided to make Frank learn a lesson through the end of this (/changing Sylios' motivation)-- because I absolutely want Frank to be happy. and also. love Sylios. cri. (and Iggs with staying with his boyfriend lmao)

The art is phenomenal, the music choices were perfect (I love the main menu music too! and the music that plays while exploring the house!), the UI is great (and such a good choice too! I was immediately impressed by the choice, too-- using a fence design!!!! bruh!!!! the small details make me so happy- and I had to take a solid mo to just be fully impressed about your design choice for the UI!!) Also showcasing extra personality/energy through the font size was a nice touch, too-- I really enjoyed it!  And the backgrounds were gorgeous, the narration for the objects we can interact with was great-- and the whole point-and-click mechanic was seriously just so fitting for the game! 

I've found this game years after it was made, but I seriously can't be more happy! I'm so grateful and glad you created this and shared this!!!! I'm so happy I found your page and your game! You're for sure an inspiration <33



I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it and enjoyed seeing all the little extras at the end. I always like unlocking concept art and other behind-the-scenes things when I play a game, so I tried putting something like that into my own game. :D 

I'm glad I changed Sylios' motivations as well, I think Dr. Frank had gone through enough for one game, haha. 

Your comments really made my day. Thank you so much for checking out my games!! :D :D

Thank you for making such a great game!!! <333 im excited to see what you do in the future- I'm so happy I could make your day !! ;;v;;

beautiful and so fun to play! I enjoyed every second~


I loved exploring Dr. Frank's house, I love the map aspects so much.  honestly this is one of my favourite games.

Also looking at the WIP stuff in the extras was great!! I loved seeing your process!!

That was... oddly touching??  I loved it to death! The premise was cute and silly, and the point-and-click element was refreshing and fun. Loved the art, especially the Dr. and Igg's character design! And the backgrounds... and all the humor was neat. Everything was neat tbh. Amazing game! Thank you!

So glad to hear you enjoyed it!!

I loved it! It's really cute and the mechanics worked really well, I didn't have any trouble. Would love to see more games by you! Or even a sequel, I love all your characters!

Oohh! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! I do have some other games if you wanted to check them out! And I've been toying around with the idea of making a pseudo sequel that some of the charas would show up in (but not be the protags), but we'll see. :)

Thank you for playing!

Aw this was pretty cool! I really liked Sylios and I would love to learn more about him T3T Dr. Frank and Sylios are so cute together uwu

I really want to learn what happened to dr frank and sylios ;-;

did you made the comic you were talking about at the extra part of your game?

if you did, where can I read it?

Hi! I haven't made it, and I'm not sure if I'm going to make it, unfortunately.  Sorry about that!

oh no problem! you don't have to make if you don't want to


I love this game :'o its super cute and relatable  and I'm dying to cosplay Dr Frank :')

Ohh so glad to hear you enjoyed it!! :D :D 

ANd OMG if you ever cosplay I would love to see pictures!!! AAAAHHHHH.

Hello! I actually played a demo of this game back at Bishounen Con, and I was really happy to play it's full release! Really cute and funny. One thing has been bothering me though. As I left the game idling on the room explore screens, a song started to play that I knew I had heard before... I went through all the artists on your music credit page but there was so much and I couldn't find the exact song. Please can you tell me the name / source of that song? I think it's the third or fourth in the loop, has a somewhat mechanical sound effect running throughout. I'm dying to find out... Dx


Hi! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

The 3rd song is called Dark Garden (https://dova-s.jp/bgm/play3727.html), while the 4th song is Pumpkin's house (https://dova-s.jp/bgm/play3678.html). Hopefully one of those is it!

Aah, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my request! In the end it was the 4th song, I'm so happy to have found it! It may seem silly but it means a lot to me, thank you! I have a few of your other games and hope to play them when I have more time as well. ^ ^

Sorry if this is spam but itch.io has no way of sending PMs. :(

I'm from Soulsoft Electronic arts. ( https://soulsoftea.itch.io ) Sooo I'm thinking about hosting a Game Jam on itch.io. My idea is a bara game jam which I'll call "BARA JAM", and I'm trying to see how much interest there would be in such a jam, and if it would be worth hosting. Would this be something you'd be up to participate in or even co-host?

I'm thinking about having it in October and lasting 1 month.

I made a thread on LSF with more details here: https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=51373

I'm really trying to see if this is a viable jam that people would even want. I hope so! I'll obviously be submitting an entry as well. =) you can email me here soulsoftea@gmail.com

OOhh, I would be very interested in participating in this if you do decide to host it! :D (I don't really know anything about hosting jams though so I wouldn't be much help as a co-host or anything haha;;)

Hey Heiden,  for cohosting don't feel pressured into it if you con't think it's for you. :)

Actually, I've been getting alot of replies from creators wanting to cohost so I think I may be fine in that department now. As for the jam, awesome, I'd love to see you participate! ^_^

If you can leave a msg on the main thread on LSF showing support, I'd really appreciate it. https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=51373&hilit=barajam

What a funny little game about revenge and ripped boyfriends who don't deserve you! It's hilarious and Dr Frank's character is such a unique one. I loved the little quirks in the dialogue (change of font size etc). I also like the feature of customizing the Frankenboyfriend. And the little backstories for characters is a nice touch. I'll be sure to play the other games as well!

This game was so cute!    10/10

This game was cute and hilarious. I only wish it was longer! I wanted to know more about the world and see what would happen to Dr. Frank next (in both endings, but especially the secret ending). Any chance of a sequel someday?

Hi! I probably won't make a direct sequel but I am very interested in making more content within the same world!

Ooh, okay. :D

magnificent. 11/10

super cute!

I really liked this game! ^^ It was funny but had a good message as well. (Also Dr. Frank is relatable af)

i'm crying bc frank is so me MSJKDNGTUI

I enjoyed this game more than any game in a while, but after playing both endings the “don’t click” option doesn’t work for me? Is there something else I’m supposed to do?

Hi! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it!

The "Don't Click!!!" button is just a gag and plays a (kind of quiet) fart sfx, haha. 

Very cute, thanks for making it.

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no matter what download i try, it gIves me an error message when i try to open it and its so frustrating... I JUST WANNA PLAY!!!!! (im on windows btw) plz help meh also it wont show up as downloadable on steam

Hi! What kind of error message is it giving you?

I know sometimes Chrome will flag .exe files as possibly malicious and block downloading them, but you should be able to override that and tell it it's safe to download. Alternatively, if you have Internet Explorer, that should work too!

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I guess it was just chrome... it kept saying "could not execute. (insert all the file name blah blah yadda yadda).exe  is it missing?

but now its working! i aprreciate the help my dude.


thanks again


apparently i just needed to use internet explorer

Sketch of the awesome Dr. Frank


**********************SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS ***************************




Dr. Frank is so adorkable. Iggs is adorkable. The Monster is adorkable.  (I laughed at the "Papa" jokes).  The game is so funny and the art is cute!

I got the platonic/normal ending. Is it bad that I didn't  feel sorry for Dominik's fate at the end? I felt bad for Dr. Frank essentially being lied to, even though he and Dominik weren't together for that long. It was still pretty messed up for Dominik to run off with Dr. Frank's research. (I mean, I guess he gave citations? But like it still felt wrong. I dunno how to explain it!)  

Dr. Frank being torn over to pack up and finally leave the town he was brought up in was good too. I've been in a similar situation and it's rough, but sometimes it's the best thing to do to live a better life. So there was a bit of growth on his part there!

I see comments below about the text similar to what I was thinking, so I won't leave feedback on that.

I'm gonna do another playthrough because I don't think I learned enough about Sylios and his past. I picked up the dictionary first time around (and died promptly after) so I'm guessing I have to do something different with it next time.

Anyway, great job! I love how rich and colorful your characters always are. I look forward to your next VN! =D

(I'm drawing Dr. Frank, here's the sketch attached)



And no, Dominik is still wrong in the end (even if he did use citations for unpublished work that he was never explicitly told that it was okay to use in his own paper), he's just not the ULTIMATE!! HEARTBREAKER!! JERK!!! that Dr. Frank has been labeling him as the whole game.

And yes! It does hurt to have to branch out from your old routine, but it can help too to expand your horizons!

Aahh yes, GUI and text design, something to work on!

 And aahh I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! :D :D And again omg thank you so much for the Dr. Frank drawing he's... soo.... cutee.... AAAHHH. 


its gay and I love it

Alright, I'm only to him talking about the anime he watched last night and I already know that this is going to go down as one of the funniest games ever. Thank you SO MUCH for making this!

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I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but the game constantly freezes up for me. Literally after every click I make, the next line of dialouge takes forever to load. I played for over an hour the other day before finally giving up. I was at the scene where I had just finished creating the boyfriend. It probably would have only taken me 20 minutes or less to get to that spot if it had been running normally.

Even after restarting my laptop and trying again, it's made no difference. No other games on here freeze up like that. I want to finish the story but can't if it's going to be lagging the entire time.


Unfortunately there are some known lag issues with the game on certain computers that I was never able to really fix. The only workaround I was able to find is that if you save the game and restart the program, it should run normally for a little bit (before slowing down again;;). 

However, I've never heard of the beginning portion of the game being laggy (just the puzzle portion) and if the game was still laggy even after restarting your computer I'm not sure what's causing that. Maybe see if you have the latest version of DirectX installed? (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35)

Sorry about that! 


It has a balance of hillarity and seriousness in facing Frank's.. ( IT'S DOCTOR)

..... sorry,..*ahem* Dr. Frank's frustation over his failure in academic and even love matters (instead of revenge,  I would likely be goiing through deep depression with something like that :'))) )

That "Don't Click" option got me xD and... I just hope there is a gallery to revisit all the story's divine scene ^^;

Anyway, that Secret Ending sure enlights me ^^


yoo! im here from game dev amino ! i played it and it was so cute! although right at the beginning the text kinda bothered me. like idk the spacing, the fact that the first paragraph is further to the left, sudden changes of size. i get that it was trying to be a stylistic choice but it didnt lookgood and felt kinda cluttered. but overall i enjoyed myself despite the text and even got the secret end! conrats on finishing it <3

Okay, thank you for playing!

yoo! im here from game dev amino ! i played it and it was so cute! although right at the beginning the text kinda bothered me. like idk the spacing, the fact that the first paragraph is further to the left, sudden changes of size. i get that it was trying to be a stylistic choice but it didnt lookgood and felt kinda cluttered. but overall i enjoyed myself despite the text and even got the secret end! conrats on finishing it <3

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soooo i didn't get a romance? is there a walkthrough? T^T and most of the hairstyles don't change to what i set it as

Iggs works as an in-game walkthrough.

no linux version? :(


Just updated with a linux version! :D

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