Looking for Beta Testers!

Hello lovely people! 

I'm getting closer to the end of the Dr. Frank dev cycle and I have put together a beta of the puzzle portion of the full game. (So approximately 3/4th of the full game) There isn't any audio or sfx (and some missing CGs) from past the first demo, but everything else is in place and should work!

If you're interested, the download is here! http://www.mediafire.com/file/xt6w2myniotqw9t/Dr._Frank_Beta_Demo-1.0-all.zip

And some questions to guide your playthrough:

  1. Were you able to find both endings? Was the 2nd ending a nice challenge, too easy, or too hard?
  2. Were there any item combinations that you wished had a more specific reaction? (I.e. you were expecting a funny reaction from using the dirty magazine on the cockroaches in the kitchen)
  3. Were the hints available through Iggs helpful, too easy, or not specific enough?

Thank you so much for your patience and we're getting closer to being finished! :D

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1. Yes, I could find and complete both endings (at least i think so), but only with a friend's help. It took us a while to figure out how to get the shovel or what to do when talking with Syrios.

2. I was entertained by all the combination dialogues so far, so no complaints there.

3. Iggs wasn't really helpful, he only provided funny commentary. It might be beneficial to change the dialogue slightly so he can give better hints as to what you're supposed to do.

My only other complaint would be that the game would freeze every few minutes, and was lagging a bunch afterwards.

All in all its a really interesting and funny game, 11/10 from both my friend and I. We can't wait for the full version, so please keep up the good work.

Yay! Glad to hear you could find the secret ending (with some struggle). 

I can edit Iggs dialogue a little bit to make it more obvious about what you are supposed to do, especially in the 2nd half of the game. 

And I'm hoping to have fixed the slow down issue! So it should *crosses fingers* run smoother in the finished version. 

Can I credit you as a betatester in the finished version? What name and/or link would you like?

1. I couldn't finish the game unfortunately ): The icon for inventory disappeared.This happened when I pressed esc to get to the menu. I closed and opened back up the game, but it wouldn't return.

2. Nope, everything was smooth sailing :D

3. Iggs was a MAJOR help. I couldn't have got that far without him

Ah, that dreaded inventory bug! I've been able to find the source of that bug so hopefully that won't happen in the full version!

Glad to hear that Iggs was helpful! :D

Can I credit you as a betatester in the finished version? What name and/or link would you like?

Sure!! ^^

1. I was able to find both endings as well~! Actually, I looked at the extras before the game, so I found the second ending before I even got to the first one >< ( It confused me for a second, since I had no idea what was going on- but that was just my mistake! )

2. I wish it was a bit easier to combine things, as it took me a while to be able to do the shirt combination. Everything would get really slow and lag, and it just was a bit of a hassle.

3. Iggs was such a huge help! I was having trouble with a few things and with his input I was able to get past those obstacles much easier. Very glad he was there for the additional aid!

Overall the beta was great- it's making me look forward to the game's full release~!

Thank you so much!!!

1. When you clicked on the extras button, did it jump you straight to the scene where it says "Congrats on finding the secret ending"? (This is a glitch and I wanna make sure I know where it's jumping to :'D)

2. The combination was difficult because of the lag? Or because the buttons were too tiny, or too hard to figure out the combinations? (Or all of the above?)

3. I'm so glad to hear that Iggs was helpful! I wanted to make sure that players would never get stuck enough that they would have to quit the game. 

Can I credit you as a betatester in the finished version? What name and/or link would you like?

Not a problem~! I'm really glad I got the opportunity to test out the beta and give my feedback !! ^ ^

1. No, it was more when I was trying to leave the Extras ( aka when I clicked the "Return" button )  it jumped straight to the secret ending━it was actually a little bit of a jumpscare for me ><

2. Yeah, the lag was a little bit of a pain to get the combination! Though, that was the only problem I had with it━the sizes of the buttons were completely fine in my opinion.

3. That was a great idea for you to do so! It'll definitely help a lot of people out for when the full game's release comes out. Usually with things like that in games, developers don't give help like how you did with Iggs, and it would get me frustrated to the point of quitting or looking up walkthroughs just to get past it━so the addition of Iggs' assistance was delightful.

Sure thing, I don't mind that at all! You could link me under Krysta or my username on here ( TheOfficialTrashcan )━or use my twitter if you wish! ( @kryssiebreanne ) Any of the three are fine by me  ^ ^

1. I was able to find both endings! when I saw there were two I was like idk what I could have done differently maybe something in the 2nd play through. Luckily I'm nosy and poked around enough to find it unintentionally. Though I think some dialogue repeated during that moment just an fyi.

2. It took me forever to get the shirt combo right because the order to combine wasn't intuitive enough for me. For reactions though I didn't experiment too much because of how laggy the cursor could get though the knife for the plush collection was funny.

3. Iggs was pretty helpful. As stated above it was the shirt that got to me the most so I had asked him like three times what to do and it took some playing around on my part to finally get the combo.

Thank you so much!!

2. When you say that you were having issues with the order of combination for the fancy shirt, would the game not let you create that item if you tried [Item A] + [Item B] as opposed to [Item B] + [Item A]? And I'm working on the lag issue, so hopefully the game will run smoother in the finished build :D.

3. I'm glad that Iggs was helpful! 

Can I credit you as a betatester in the finished version? What name and/or link would you like?


2. I think it was more I didn't know once I clicked combine that it was selected so I could try, but this I just redownloaded again to check and that's still unreliable since this is my 2nd playthrough I know better now;

I think both combos work fine though!

And sure, the name I use here is fine for credit~