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Hello!  I am really enjoying the writing in this so far!  However, when I left town for the first time and went out to the world map, the screen looks like this and I can't seem to interact with anything or WASD around.  

I need to help Borislav become mayor!  I hope you can help!

Wow that is VERY strange! It looks like there's an issue with the canvas not being correctly sized for the game window. Did the opening scenes play alright? What operating system are you using? Before this happened did you resize the game window at all?

I'm on Windows 10.  I tried to play windowed, then switched back to full screen because the text boxes were running outside the window.  Judging from your screenshots, it's not supposed to look like this.  😅   I broke Unity!

Oh my gosh. Yeah that's not supposed to happen. XD;;;

Okay, a shot in the dark. When did you download the build you're currently playing? The very very first build I released (back in May) had a similar issue that I thought(??) I fixed. 

Actually, ignore my last reply. I think i was able to reproduce your error on my side. 

You're playing in windowed mode, correct?
I'll work on getting a patch out tomorrow that will fix that issue. I'm so sorry you ran into this error (+ thank you so much for finding it!!). I'll get the fix to you as soon as I can!

Yeah, I tried playing in windowed mode at first.  I'm glad you were able to figure it out so I can continue Borislav's adventures! 

I just pushed out the newest build! Hopefully that'll fix your canvas issues! :D


Had an awesome time playing the game. I enjoyed not only the storytelling but the gameplay as well regardless of the bugs. Another job well done from Heiden :D

So happy to hear you enjoyed it!! I'm still looking into getting the bugs fixed, but happy to hear that it's still fun regardless. :D


I love the polished step up from Dr. Frank's Build a Boyfriend! The animations are cute and bouncy, and the voices, similar to Animal Crossing speak, doesn't feel out of place in this cute RPG adventure game. The whole cast's wholesome (except Ratmir) and the replayability is worth getting all the endings. You can tell Heiden carefully crafted this game's story and mechanics from start to finish. Also Borislav and Mirche are adorable together! Definitely recommend for anyone who wants a quirky adventure that's deeper than it looks, surrounded by a colorful cast of characters and adorable mlm protagonists.

YESSSS THIS LOOKS SO GREAT SO FAR! Really looking forward to the release and I hope you make lots of $$$

Thank youu!!! I'm excited to keep working on it! :D

And omg;; We'll see what happens!! Haha, XD

FLEXING COMPETITION this sounds NUTS in the best way.

I had SO MUCH FUN writing all the jokes in this one. It's very... nuts hahaha, XD.