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Helena of Achaea is said to be the most beautiful woman in the galaxy.

After her elopement with the neighboring Wilusan princess, Achaea declares war on Wilusa resulting in a years-long bloody conflict. As the war is drawing to a close, Helena is escorted back to her rightful place in Achaea. However, something goes wrong and their ship crash lands on a desolate tiny planet, killing everyone on board except for Helena and a single soldier.

Now stranded in the vastness of space with only a strange soldier for company, Helena finds herself thinking about what sort of fate awaits her. And more importantly, does she even have a place to return to?

Loosely based on a futuristic all-female version of Homer's The Iliad, Helena's Flowers is a visual novel that explores the ideas of beauty and self-image. It was developed for the 2015 Yuri Game Jam and features 6 different endings.

Warning: One of the endings contains gore.


Concept, Writing, Programming - Heiden
Backgrounds, Sprite lineart - Reikun
GUI, Sprite coloring - laniessa

More information

Published1 year ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorsHeiden, Adirosa, skyharborr
Tagsancient-greece, battle-of-troy, feminist, greek, homer, Visual Novel
Average durationAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


HelenasFlowers-1.0-all.zip (72 MB)


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We absolutely loved playing this game! The art style was extremely gorgeous, and each storyline was worthwhile. If you're interested, part one of our ongoing Let's Play is here.

Hey! I've been really enjoying watching your play through, can't wait to see the next part! :D

does it have some kind of romance?

Hey! There's an option for Helena to end up with Penthesilea and there are a few short romance scenes between them, but the focus of the work is more-so on Helena moving on from her past failed romances. Hope that helps! :)

Got four of the six ends. It's really well made, you guys did a great job ^^