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Oh my god... I clicked on this, right? I clicked on it, thinking, "Eh, sure. Why not? One more heterosexual visual novel, for brainrot's sake. What's the harm?" 

I instantly fell head over heels. The characters all have such clear voices for a game without voice acting, the art is lovely, especially the coloring, and it's gay! Oh, how the hills rejoice! 

All in all, 20/10, lovely work! :D I really enjoyed it all the way through! :)

Awww, thank you so much for giving it a shot, despite first appearances. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! :D


I love this so much! Getting to know the storyline through the characters was so much fun and everything about the writing was so entertaining and great! The game is super cute and amusing, I adored every bit of it! 

And seriously loved the point-n-click mechanism and how much it was utilized here! This whole thing was brilliant!


You never fail to make fun games--this one was really cute! I loved the map-based interaction style and how little conversations between other characters slowly tell you the story of what's really going on. Even in a game this short, it really made me want to cheer for our two couples!

Great job! It's really impressive for a game you made so quickly. :D


This is such a fun game. 

I love how maps are used for the majority of it, I make renpy games too, so it was really inspiring to see a game that is less visual novel and more point and click, really shows what you can do with it. 

I look forward to the next thing you make!! 

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I blogged about your game. Feel free to use any pull quotes.


This was such a cute game! I really enjoyed playing it!


I really enjoyed this visual novel! Thank you so much for making it.

I loved the writing and the characters. The inventory system was a fun game mechanic for solving puzzles. The jokes also made me laugh out loud.

I've created a VOD recording of my playthrough: Twitch video


Loved the game! And the magnificent moustache!! The ending was so cute and I love the interactive gameplay! Good job!!


aww that was so sweet


I loved the humor of this game as I was playing it, but I also found that I kept fondly recalling the characters after I finished it. I'm really impressed that the dev has managed to craft such a rich world and memorable characters in such a small package. A real gem!

Aw, this is such a sweet comment. Thank you! 

I'm so glad to hear that the characters really came through. And I always love world building so to hear the setting was good too is a big compliment!! 

Thank you so much for playing!


This was fantastic! 
Your outfit system is really cool and a nice take on visual novel puzzles. 
I'd love to see a longer version of the game or something with similar mechanics if you're planning on working on anything post nano. :) 

Oh thank you! I love experimenting with the line between puzzle mechanics and narrative games. 

And I would love to have a longer version of the game, but unfortunately longer games take longer to make, aha; 

If you were interested in a slightly longer game with a similar type of mechanic, Dr. Frank's Build-A-Boyfriend  has a inventory system where you have to use items you've picked up in puzzles in order to advance the plot! That one is around 20k length, so longer than Kill The Prince?!, but can still easily be finished within a day. 

I'm also secretly working on a longer project as well, but because of the length and the fact I can only work on it for so long each day, that one won't be out for at least another year and a half.

Thank you so much for playing, and glad to hear you liked it!! 


such a lovely game! thank you for releasing it!

Glad to hear you liked it! Thank you so much for playing!


DOWNLOADING THIS NOW!!! I'll comment again when I'm able to play and tell you how much I love it.

Yesss! I'm really excited to hear what you think of this one. There's a little twist at the end... :)