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My name is Chiara and I'm a game localization expert. I came across this cute game and I absolutely fell in love with the art and i'm a visual novel/story-driven videogame enthusiast. I was wondering if you'll be interested in a complete free localization in Italian (my native language), as I'm trying to build up my portfolio while helping out indie devs reaching more people with their games. 

Thank you for your time! 

Oh wow! Yes! Please email me at:! 


It may have gone into the spam folder so if you don't find anything check that one too!

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So Gay, so fun !

I enjoy the burlesque jokes that break the 4th wall. xD

(the sounds of the menu icons at the top are just a bit annoying, although it's not something that prevents from playing the game. Also, the french translation has some problems, like english words which aren't translated or grammatical oddities)

Thank you so much for playing! :D And thank you for the feedback! 👀 Ill keep it in mind for my next game.

It was a cute game (灬º‿º灬)♡

Aww, thank you!! 😊 

Cute game! But I can't find the familiar's whisker so would appreciate a hint :)
I have the other two ingredients, and I've got the clue about Dr Greene's familiar being at the clinic, but I can't find any leads there... I feel like I must be missing something obvious?

In order for the whisker owner to show up, ASK the barista about the Whiskers of Familiar! :D


Ah, I completely forgot I hadn't tried all the "ask" options with the barista! And with his allergies it seems such an obvious thing to try now :)

I've finished now, so thanks for the hint and for making the game - I enjoyed playing, and the ending was sweet.

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cute! i managed to miss the fact that you can walk through the crowd after helping bro which stumped me for a while, but this was fun!


So glad to hear you enjoyed it! 

I'll keep in mind for future games to make sure that any changing scenery from puzzles is more readily noticeable, haha. In the meantime I'll write up a walkthrough, in case anyone gets stuck.

Thank you so much for playing! 


I had to go around casting the cheese spell on everyone.  A+ game.