At District Arcade!

Kill the Prince?! is coming to District Arcade!

I'll be showcasing the game there from 2-4pm EST this Saturday, 9/26/2020! It's online this year, so all you need to attend is a discord account!

Come stop by and say hello~! :D 

In celebration of the event, I'll also be publishing a new version of Kill the Prince?! on that day! 

This new build will include:

  • Browser support! 
    • Play in your browser! Haven't Killed(?) the prince yet? Now's a great chance to do so!
  • Fixed Typos!
    •  Lisette no longer refers to the titular prince as Milton, haha XD
  • Smoothing out of the world building!
    •  I've modified Emeric's dialogue so you don't get a random info dump about The History of the Dragonkin in Espington. I do plan on making more games in the future about this group... but you'll just have to wait and find out when I make it. :D 

But how do I attend?!?!

Click that link. 

Click the discord invite link. 

Viola~! You should be in! :D

Hope to see you there~! 

- Heiden

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